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barn tour

Welcome to our Virtual Barn Tour.

Welcome to our Virtual Barn Tour. Our barn is located on a beautiful wooded hillside in downtown Glastonbury with a long white pebble driveway leading to it.

We have a fantastic securely fenced riding ring with jumps. It is an oversized dressage riding ring (lots of room). Most of the lessons taught are private lessons.

As you can tell the barn is always filled with vibrant colors. Large dutch windows create a bright and sparkling light inside the barn. Each happy horse has a large dutch door that leads to their own personal turnout. Constant interaction is experienced due to the colorful durable stall guards that let us always leave each horses stall door open all the time! Not to mention the pleasant and curious personalities of each horse.

The barn is cool in the summer, due to its location and high ceilings. We also have fans for each of the horses. With all the doors open their is a nice cross breeze. In the winter we close everything up to keep it warm and cozy.

Our barn also features a tack room with a wool rug on the floor. We have our very own nicely stocked and organized feed room within the barn. The way it is setup is so it can be used as an educational tool. We use feeding techniques that are only the most modern and are therefor beneficial to the horses. (no moldy hay YAY!)

People that visit the barn say that it is an exceptionally peaceful atmosphere due to the artwork on the walls, the spa type music, and the constant cleaning and upkeep (you could eat off the floor). We even have wireless internet in the barn itself!

I hope you enjoyed The Virtual Barn Tour! I’m always here with the horses watching over them. If you would like a personal tour, you are always welcome to call and arrange one at anytime. Reach us at 860-944-1181.

Hope to see you soon!