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Riding Lessons and Camps Schedule

Please contact us at 860-944-1181 for more info and to sign up.

Information on year-round private lessons
all ages - $35 per hour.

Join us at our cozy hillside barn facility
located in central Glastonbury. We are located a mile from Glastonbury center with easy access from all area schools with after school pick-up available.

Also please inquire about sessions and camps that run after school and concurrent with the Glastonbury school vacation schedule throughout the year for many
seasonal horse activities.

Be sure to check out our blog at
to see the wonderful entries by our campers and counselors
about the events from the past few months.

Equestrian Artists Camp
for ages 8 and up.

Fulll day program. Our schedule is flexible and can arrange times depending on parents work schedule. please call for further information.

Cost is $30 per day. Riding Lessons cost an additional $35 per lesson, you may sign up per day or by the week.

Our day is filled with beneficial and educational horse related activities including:

- Sessions with the horses including unmounted groundwork and clicker training as well as learning the latest techniques of the biomechanics of riding while on horseback.

- Therapeutic listening experience and its effect on horses (and us!) we use beautiful music to strengthen the mind, raise IQ, and enhance creativity.

- Herbal studies (new!) What they do and how to use them to benefit the well being of horses and ourselves. Our studies range from making all natural treats and supplements to soapmaking and liniments. We spend part of each day learning about how herbs can make our lives greener and about proper nutrition for the horses. Sampling encouraged!

- At the end of each day we gather together to reflect on what we have learned, we record our progress and achievements through the use of photography, artwork, and the latest blogging tools available. check out our most recent posts for more info!

Pet Pony Riding Camp
for ages 4-8

Join us for the afternoon each weekday.
Cost is $35 per day. you may sign up per day or by the week.

Learn about how to care for our friends the horses, while staying safe and making new friends at the same time! A short riding lesson is included each afternoon.