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Ribbon Brow Bands

A Little About Our Browbands:
We hand make braided ribbon brow bands. Custom styles available are medieval, renaissance, classic, etc.

Braided Ribbon Browbands from Horsefaire on Vimeo.

Send measurements of your brow band to (in inches). We will send to a completed braided ribbon brow band (with brow band included). Color choice available.

Price & Shipping Information
$30.00 each which INCLUDES shipping! (First Class Mail)

Horsefaire's Heavenly Herbals - Bath Fizzies


A Little About Our Bath Fizzies
Just in time for Spring Cleaning!! Horsefaire is excited to introduce our brand new line of refreshing bath fizzies. Send those heavy blankets to the cleaners and drop a fizzie in a bucket of warm water for your dog and horse, and one into a luxurious bath for yourself, and magically wash winter away! More info on all natural ingredients can be found by downloading our product info sheet (PDF - download by clicking here)

Three Different Scents!
Waltz of the Flowers: Our signature fragrance of lavender,
peppermint, and grapefruit topped with spring flowers.

Tibetan Butter Tea: Pure Himalayan pink rock salt and goat milk with a vanilla scent. Immensely comforting.

Citronella Grapefruit: Combined with fast acting citronella to form a fragrant protective barrier against flies and other summertime airborne pests.

Price & Shipping Information
Two bath fizzies shipped in a decorative gift box - $5.50 which INCLUDES shipping!

choose your scent!

Horsefaire Clickers


A Little About "Horsefaire Clickers"

Clicker Training Fits perfectly into your Classical Training Program! It uses all positive reinforcement (gotta get those tiny "Nutcracker Training Treats") and it provides a mutual language between horse and rider (works great for other animals too). The best thing about them is it really sharpens up your observational and communicational skills with your horse or other animal student. They are completely force free and they work exceptionally well with very shy or skittish animals.

Product Description
Come in purple, red, blue and green. Are a lightweight, translucent plastic with Horsefaire in gold on the back. They are on a golden ring with a matching tulle ribbon that is one yard long.

Price & Shipping Information
Cost per Horsefaire Clicker Necklace is only $4.50 which INCLUDES shipping!

Nutcracker Sweets Training Treats

A Little About "Nutcracker Sweets Training Treats"
In order to have a happy clicker trained horse when riding, we've learned that tiny treats were a better idea due to the horse having a bit in her mouth. We could not find a tiny treat to use that was special. So we started freshly baking them ourselves from only organic healthy ingredients and now you can enjoy them too, literally! Horses love these treats whether you are doing ground work, riding, or just treating them to something they will love! Remember to share with your horse and don't eat them all yourself, they are that good! =)

Some Satisfied Customers
"I would rather eat these treats instead of a nature valley bar, SO MUCH BETTER! I end up eating all of them before I even manage to give my horse one." - Anna

"They are slightly sweet and taste like a nice fresh oat bar with nice big chunks of dried apple in it." - Taste Tester

Price & Shipping Information
Each bag contains 30 little treats. They come in a traditional "Fleury Rose" Gift Bag.
Cost per bag is only $5.00 which INCLUDES shipping! (First Class Mail)

"Mariage des Fleurs" Treat Tote

A Little About "Mariage des Fleurs" Treat Tote
Horses bring us such beauty and pleasure, we owe it to them to give back as much as we can. This is the perfect tote for your Nutcracker Sweet or other treats. It can even be used to hold other small essentials!

Product Description
Handmade of cozy Icelandic wool. Hand dyed with organic vegetable dye. Cottage crafted in New Hampshire. Each tote is an original design! Dimensions are a little over 3" wide by 4" tall. The background color is a natural white to grey and the design of the flowers can differ per tote. (we will choose for you)

Price & Shipping Information
Cost per Mariage des Fleurs Treat Tote is only $16.50 which INCLUDES shipping!

Souvenir de Orient Meditational Riding Necklace

A Little About "Souvenir de Orient"

These are Gorgeous!

30 inspirational visuals help keep your heart focused on your precious horse's spirit! We have been using necklaces for about 15 years. This exclusive necklace is a tool to help you understand how well you are using your position to communicate with your horse. You will be amazed how your horse responds to this happy training tool. Anyone who has used it, loves it (Horse Included). It puts fun back into your riding with fantastic results! This tool will instantly encourage your horse to carry themselves properly WITHOUT FORCE. It fits perfectly into the Classical Model! We are still working on the informational instruction video that will go on "my methods" page that is linked to this.

Product Description
Each necklace is a unique design of golden bells, ribbons, roses, and special charms! They are handmade out of climbing rope (very durable!)

Price & Shipping Information
Cost per Souvenir de Orient is only $40.00 which INCLUDES shipping!

Choose your color!

Horsefaire Notecards

Own a Phenom
Note Cards painted by the famous Horsefaire horses (really!)

Product Description
4 different, original, limited edition prints on cream colored cards and envelopesHeavyweight and watercolor textured, measures 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

Price & Shipping Information
Cost per set is only $12.00 which INCLUDES shipping! (First Class Mail)

Hand Crafted Ornaments by

Product Description
Hand crafted ornaments! Our woodland and farm friends are lovely trimmings for your tree or any other time of the year! each is unique and hand stitched with love. All are made from wool and acryic felt and assorted cotton prints and vary from
3.5-5 inches.

Price & Shipping Information
$9.50 each which INCLUDES shipping! (First Class Mail)