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Butterfly's Classical Training Program

I'm ready to learn!

The magic wand helps me stay straight against the wall.

I feel confident and I'm getting stronger. This leads to self carriage!

The "promise wrap" creates engagement of the hind quarters.

My body building and yoga program makes me feel wonderful! :D

Miami The Painting Horse, Summer '10

Miami The Painting Horse from Horsefaire on Vimeo.

Horsefaire at Uconn, Spring '08

Once upon a time on a very cold and windy March day, the Horsefaire caravan made its way to the Uconn Storrs Campus for a exhibition all about Clicker Training! A thirty minute presentation which required months of preparation was exciting and a happy occasion for all of us that were involved.

People came out of curiosity to see the famous Painting Horse himself in person. It took place at the Horsebarn Hill Indoor Arena, the presentation was the audiences first introduction into Clicker Training.

Clicker Training is based on all positive reinforcement and like the classical model no force is ever allowed. This creates a trusting bond that is cemented each time you interact with your horse. We shared the beautiful music that we always use during our training sessions with the audience.

The music has an important role in our training because it lets the horses know in advance the certain tasks that are paired with the piece of music, so they can look forward to preforming them. Leading the horse, getting the horse to come, having the horse stand still, cleaning feet, putting on the bridal, ect, are all simple tasks that become completely enjoyable for the horse to do with the clicker! We showed these things in the presentation.

Also, we spent time showing how Clicker Training can improve the safety, efficiency, and the quality of life of the school horses in your riding school program or camp! Finally as a grand finale, Hoot the Painting Horse, painted a masterpiece in front of the audience. Some people couldn't believe their eyes!

If you would like more information about Clicker Training, you can contact us via email at